The Real online passive income

You are simply investing in a business system where your only job is to giveaway valuable internet marketing products

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“What Are The Products I’m Getting In The System?”
  • Technically, these are the components you’ll be getting:
    The access to my software to create your clone of my profitable “secret website”. You’ll just need to enter some information and click “create” – it’ll take you less than a minute to get started and be in business!


  • The entire back-end software system to track your commissions and leads generated. This handles everything for you.


  • My internet marketing courses that include Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing and many others. These powerful training will show you how to promote your CB Passive Income internet business.

The CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 will give you…

1. Your Own Clone “Secret Web Page”
You’ll get a clone of my “secret web page” that is ready-to-go, whereby you DO NOT need to do anything else with it, other than to promote the unique link that’s created for you.

We’ll handle all of the technicalities of the web page including the hosting fees.

On top of that, we’ll constantly be updating your website on your behalf to give you the highest performance and conversion.

Within the back-end system, you’ll also be able to see the number of visitors to your website and how many subscribers you have.

With version 3.0, you’ll now get MULTIPLE SECRET WEBPAGES to use.

2. A Valuable Free Gift To Giveaway
The fact is, our free gift rocks. It would probably cost you around $1,500 if you were to hire a writer to write this kind of content. The good news is, we’ll periodically update and even change the free gift as and when is needed. Just so you know, you don’t need to do anything more – we take care of everything behind the scenes for you.

The Free Gift is already “integrated” with your clone webpage. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING HERE, IT’S ALL AUTOMATED.

3. A Continual Income Stream
Remember, I’ll produce the content, research the good products, craft marketing campaigns, promote the offers for you to make money and so on and so forth – you’ll do nothing except for collecting your ClickBank cheques.

At the same time, I’ll also look for new membership products to promote so that you’ll earn monthly commissions from the products sold.

With version 3.0, the software will automatically “insert” your affiliate ID inside the products recommended in the software, thus, allowing you to create more passive income.

4. A LIFETIME Commission
When you get people to subscribe to your “secret web page” for free, which should be very easy to do indeed… you’ll earn a LIFETIME of commission for each product they buy from our promotion! We will do the selling for you, the subscribers don’t even know that you make the commission.

5. A Solid Internet Business
This is not the latest shining object that hits the market. Not at all. We created the system since 2013 and it’s still working. The reason is, we’ve continue improving the system. You’re truly building a real solid business here with us, WITHOUT the high cost of development and so on.

Like I said earlier, the reason why you can do this successfully is because you’re CLONING my proven system and getting ME to work for you, for free too! This is all automatically integrated within the software system.

If it wasn’t for this system, you would need to hire designers, content writers, a copywriter and even an email marketer! There are heavy costs involved, it’s just that all of them are “waived” for you when you get CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 today.

This has been proven to work with hundreds of success stories. This is why we’ve now upgraded the system to 3.0 for you to take advantage of it.

6. Access To My Promotion Training Courses
You’ll get access to my video training and eBooks on how to promote your new-found internet business so that you can achieve mammoth success with this business! The training is structured to be step-by-step so that you can follow it easily and these methods have been proven time and time again to be effective! The promotion methods taught include video marketing, Facebook marketing and many others!

With this knowledge, you’ll never run out of prospects to reach for your internet business.

With version 3.0, we have added more video training to teach you about online promotions and how to get free traffic!

Cb Passive income

Go through the training and you could even get started within 24 hours from now.

Here are some common Q and A’s that you might have…
Is there any other fee involved?
No, just the investment for CB Passive Income. You don’t need an auto-responder, hosting or a domain name to take advantage of this awesome business, although those are optional add-ons.
What do I need to do?
Your job is to simply promote your “secret web page” (which will be created by our software once you’ve entered your details). That’s it. The whole deal is this – the intention of this program is to create as much automation as is humanly possible for you, so that you can enjoy your life.
Can I collect the subscriber’s emails too?
YES, whenever you get a subscriber, their emails will be recorded right inside your back-end system. You’ll be able to retrieve all of the emails there! You can do anything you like with your own database then. They are YOURS.
Is there a walk through for the entire system?
Yes, and it’s completely step-by-step. All of the steps are found inside the Clients Area. So assuming you’re still confuse, don’t worry – we have the steps and further explanations inside the Clients Area.
Can I make money instantly?
Because the affiliate commission ranges from between 50% to 70% (it could be higher or lower), it’s really hard to grasp a ballpark number. This program is ideal to create a consistent automated income, it’s not meant to create you any “instant” cash. Simply because, we don’t promote products to them when they’ve just joined the list – offers will gradually be introduced to them at later stage when they’re “ready”.
If you’re looking for a real business, CB Passive Income License Program can help you to achieve your goal, but if you’re looking for a quick-rich scheme, I’m sorry to disappoint you that I don’t have one.
Can you recap again how do I make money?
Sure. Our software creates the “Secret Web Page” for you. We’ll provide you with the training on how to promote it (in case you’re a newbie). Your webpage builds your list and our marketing system monetize it for you. Basically, it’s a complete turnkey of my marketing system – the difference is, my marketing system is now WORKING FOR YOU, to generate affiliate commissions for you.
Do you offer ongoing support?
Of course, we’re a real company with a physical office and a team of support staff.
My 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to learn, follow the instructions and effectively use the CB Passive Income License Program, you can be making money from the internet very shortly. Maybe in just a few days from now you would have recouped your investment.

But if you are not 100% satisfied with it for whatever reason, let me know within the next 60 days and I’ll issue you an immediate, hassle-free 100% refund.

I’m taking all of the risks to make sure that you can be wildly successful. It’s really as simple as that.

Make mony

Krav Maga online self defense training

Created by Eyal Yanilov, MaxKravMaga is the most proffesional reality based self defense video training programs online today. In this MaxKravMaga review we will take a look at this product and see what are the pros and cons of this program.



What Exactly Is This Program?

MaxKravMaga was created by Eyal Yanilov, a world renowned authority in self defense for the past 30 years. MaxKravMaga is a massive collection of more than 20 hours of clearly explained and easy to follow self defense instructional videos which include training modules for beginners and experts alike.

Eyal Yanilov spent the last several years putting together this video training program and according to him this program is the most comprehensive online today.

However, with so many self defense video programs out on the market and on the internet today, is Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga really worth the money?

To answer this question and to find if this program is really for you let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga.

The Pros And Cons

Krav maga

The Pros

Suitable For Different Levels

There is no doubt that many people can benefit from this package. Beginners will find these self defense videos’ clear and concise nature gives them a solid foundation to build their self defense skill set as they build their confidence to move on to the more advanced training modules. Advanced and professional self defense practitioners and instructors as well as experienced martial artists will appreciate the huge variety of training modules and the extremely professional level of instruction which Eyal possesses.

Very Useful Bonuses

When you become a member of Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga you will also receive these 4 bonuses:

  1. Mental Training and Combat Mindset Module

This module covers in depth analysis of the mental aspect of self defense.. often sited as one of the most overlooked aspects of self defense training. This Mental Training program covers it at an extremely high level, including tactics and techniques used by elite special forces and which were not available to the general public until now.

  1. Eyal Yanilov’s Masterclass Seminar Module

Filmed during a 2 hour seminar of Eyal’s in London England, this training module puts you front and center in one of Eyal’s coveted seminars which he does all over the world. It feels like you are right there in the seminar.. and considering Eyal’s seminars are very costly ( he is an extremely sought after self defense authority )..This is a great way to experience it for yourself.

  1. Anti-Carjacking and Road Rage

Carjacking has become one of the most prevelent crimes in many parts of the world today and rates are rising rapidly. Carjackings are often brutal and violent in nature, as well as pose a strong threat of kidnapping either to the driver or passengers.

  1. Using Firearms as non-lethal weapons

Knowing how to use a firearm as a non-lethal weapon is imperative for anyone who wants to have a well rounded self defense arsenal. The truth is, sometimes you simply cannot shoot your gun due to a number of different reasons.

Surprisingly Organized

With over 20 hours of videos and more than 600 techniques, you’d expect Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga to be fairly disorganized. However I found it extremely easy to follow..everything is very well organized.

Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with what you get, you will receive your money back.

The Cons:

May Be A Little Overwhelming At First

Just because there are so many different training modules in the program, the members’ area can be a little overwhelming at first. However all the training modules are organized by level and/or category and once you get started, you will find it is not difficult to find what you are looking for.

Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga- The Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga is an extremely comprehensive and detailed self defense video training program that comes with a great amount of valuable information and insight about reality based self defense. It is evident right from the start that Eyal is very knowledgable and experienced with everything regarding self defense.

There are other good self defense programs online and some of them are cheaper than this one, but I seriously doubt that you will find any program that is so comprehensive as this one, with the level of instruction as taught by Eyal Yanilov, great bonuses and very good customer support.

Krav maga 300x250 2


Krav Maga Techniques For Self Defense

Krav Maga Training Techniques For Self Defense written by: Top-Quality-Writer Krav Maga techniques have become an incredibly popular form of martial arts. Not only is it taught by specialist schools and academies around the city and surrounds, but it is also offered as a fitness and self-defense class in many of gyms. Krav Maga is about getting into keen physical shape and learning to defend yourself in the quickest, most decisive and effective way possible.

Krav maga-self defence

Krav maga

What Is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is an Israeli form of combat that means close combat. This form of combat can be at times extremely brutal is it was mainly used a military form of fighting. It was not created to just defend oneself or disable an opponent, but to cause serious to permanent damage or even death. It was developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfield during the anti-semitic era of Israel and has now become a world renown form of fighting not only in the military but also holds civilian applications as well. Krav Maga is based around aggressive maneuvers, both offensive and defensive, and some at the same time in order to neutralize a present threat. There are no rules in Krav Maga, but only to eliminate the opponent a series of aggressive and sometimes brutal attacks. Krav Maga is used by many military operations around the world and is extremely effective. Organizations such the-the United States SWAT team are trained in this form a combat and has proved itself to be very successful.

Krav Maga is not an official form of combat as there is no ranking system or instructions. The main teachings of krav maga techniques are to end the fight in a series of preemptive strikes, or as soon as possible attacks. The fighting is often directed at some of the most vulnerable areas of the body, such as the face, eyes, throat, gut, crotch, and so on. There is no shame in fighting dirty in Krav Maga as it is the essence of this particular form of combat; do whatever you can to win and disable the opponent. This is the ultimate brawling form of combat. It teaches you to be aware of your surroundings. While in an unbroken stream of attack, Krav Maga teaches you to look for escape routes and other potential attackers. It can be used in incredibly dangerous situations where peace has gone out the window and everyone is acting far from civil. It is based on means of survival, not pride.

Krav Maga, typically known has hand to hand combat, also teaches you how to disarm an opponent. The krav maga techniques learned here are one of the few that does not qualify as an attack. These are some of the few defensive moves that you will learn (unless a gun is involved). If a gun is involved, offensive strikes must occur in an incredibly fast and quick action that disarms the threat and attacker.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga self defense

Krav Maga is a means of survival and will teach you to do so under almost any circumstance you can come along. Whether it is just a typical street fight, bar fight, hold up, riot or even war, Krav Maga can be used to help you end a threat and be aware what is around you. You will be able to assess situations more clearly and escape potentially threatening situations as fast as possible. It is regarded by many as the most realistic and effective form of martial arts for a real life confrontation. Many forms of self-defense are outdated and ineffective. Krav Maga is used worldwide by elite fighting forces for one reason because it works.

The first principle taught by Krav Maga schools is the avoidance of confrontation. It is always better and safer for students to avoid a fight than it is to enter one because even if you had studied a martial art form for years, you stand to get injured and you stand to injure others, which goes against many of its core philosophies. If it is not possible or unsafe to avoid confrontation, the goal of Krav Maga is to neutralize an enemy as fast as possible with quick, vicious strikes to vulnerable parts of the body.


Krav Maga: Power and Intent

Because Krav Maga was developed by the military, it is taught as a component of militia training and has very real life applications where the outcome of the combat can even be permanent injury or even death. In some classes, however, Krav Maga has become adapted as a method of fitness, as well as a competitive combat sport where the use of rules and regulations protect the well being of the fighters. It does serve to bear in mind, however, that Krav Maga was developed for the real world and in situations where your life could be on the line.

Because of the potential for injury, even in military training, students of Krav Maga are instructed to use reasonable force and protective equipment so as to avoid harming each other during sparring.

Krav Maga Combat Techniques and Combat Philosophy

As it was mentioned, the two core principles of Krav Maga are to avoid conflict, but that if it is unavoidable, to use quick and decisive force to neutralize the attacker. Krav Maga schools therefore teach the following:

  •  How to defend yourself against a great variety of attacks, strikes and kicks.
  • Which parts of the body can be targeted for an immediate disabling effect. These include the ribs, throat, eyes, fingers, neck, knees and feet.
  • Quick and dexterous counter-attack methods and pre-emptive counter-attack.
  • Contextual awareness: taking in your surroundings without parting your attention from your attacker. This will help you to find an escape route or possible weaponry to use against an attack.

The professional training for this self-defense course has many level and criteria of training. Once you qualify a particular level, a certificate is issued to the student for his/her achievement. Experience of the trainer is another most important aspect to judge before just getting started. A highly experienced self-defense Houston Krav Maga trainer is surely better and more useful for your training. There are many who were earlier posted in army or police forces and have served them with self-defense skills. They have vast experience in this site and learning from them will bring the best in you


Tutorial Krav Maga Defenses Against Knife Attacks